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Thought Leadership

How to Re-Engage Your Remote Workforce in 2021

February 2021

For executives and internal communications leaders, the last year has been an inspiring - yet humbling - experience. We have learned to connect, collaborate and thrive in our new professional world, yet many teammates are still feeling fatigued by remote work and their company's digital culture.

Is it time for your brand to rethink some of your communications programs that should have been left in 2020? I've shared some advice on how to creatively and effectively re-engage your remote workforce in 2021.

From Catastrophe to Culture: Internal Communications in a Newly Remote World

April 2020

In the last month, many corporate communications plans have been interrupted by our newly remote workforce. Many brands rely on in-person communications (for good reason) and are scrambling to shift communications online.

As a brand internal communications lead, and as a fully remote employee since 2018, I've shared some recommendations for building your reinvented employee communications strategy.

Press Release Example

Midvale Industries Celebrates 120th Anniversary

February 8, 2020

Saint Louis, MO: Midvale Industries, a leading supplier of industrial process solutions, celebrates our 120th anniversary this year. Midvale began in 1901 as a local foundry and mining supplier, and today offers an expanded offering to clients across the USA, including process solutions for foundry, die casting, aerospace, automotive, medical, metal finishing, manufacturing, painting and other industrial operations.

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